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Absolutely loving the prints over at Editions of 100.

This…is…hysterical. Because it occurred on a Windows phone.

this doesn’t sound like the worst idea ever. at least it’s got us thinking about the sources & manifestations of inequality, and how to avoid obvious traps that reinforce it.

speaking of inequality, apparently in America we start to add to it as early as Pre-K.
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Robbie Crawford’s epic surf photography

"You meet people where they are. This is as true in the emotional and intellectual world as it is in the physical world."

Truer words were never spoken.

thinking about piracy

"the enormously successful globalization of media culture has not yet been accompanied by a comparable democratization of media access–at least in its legal forms."

the SSRC’s report on media piracy in emerging economies is worth a gander, for anyone with any interest in the subject.

considering the disparities in the global economy, is it any wonder that people would try to pirate a copy of MS Word?

" But curiosity without direction can be a taxing and ultimately unproductive endeavor. Choice is how we tame and channel and direct our curiosity, where we choose to allocate our time and energy, and ultimately, what we choose to pay attention to. "

- Maria Popova, of the always phenomenally done Brain Pickings, on the notion of combinational creativity and the value-added effect of curating your intake. Fascinatingly accurate stuff, because you really are what you put in.

i wrote a thing. it’s about online piracy. spoiler alert: i come down on the side of freedom, suckas.

Nirvana x Sublime = Utopia
James Blake + The Strokes = Tennis
Rage Against the Machine + Florence + The Machine = System of a Down
Sum41 ÷ Joy Division + The Bad Plus – Minus the Bear = Mute Math

Ed Schumacher-Matos cites this piece as part of the rationale behind NPR’s limited coverage of the Occupy Wall Street protests, or, perhaps more explicitly, as to why Nader shouldn’t bitch so much on what NPR spends its time, money and energy reporting. I agree in some ways, but it seems a waste of our time. Nader can complain, but Kazin is right. The Left has been silent for some time, and we seem to be (finally!) getting fed up.

choice quote:

"The Tea Party gave comfort to the wealthy and played by the rules. It’s why it was a movement of old people and families: there was no threat that anyone was going to spill any of their diabetic fucking blood on any goddamn mythical tree of liberty."

UPDATED: also, it’s telling that he ends with “Later this week, um, so what the fuck are we unifying behind?”