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In less than a day, the most critically acclaimed network and the most watched network bet on the future of Internet TV. And just like that, the cable bundle has unraveled more in the last 24 hours than in the previous 24 months.


Creation 34

Starship by:

Desert Dasher 49

"With the world in ruin, Terran morale is once again at an all-time low. While this apocalypse pales in comparison to other grave errors committed in human history, we did manage to beat ourselves into submission during the 1940s, as a global war terrorised the planet.

Shortly after WWII, a global competition to find the fastest men and machines helped the world’s worries fade away. With humanity once again on the brink, it’s time for us to renew the world’s interest in another fierce, yet friendly, competition.

The Desert Dasher 49 will be the first non-combat vehicle produced in over 100 years, providing us with a solid platform for future spacecraft development. And while the world watches these magnificent racing specimens dash across the global wasteland, The Company will pocket a fortune in advertising revenue. /EMAIL_END _PJTierney_Oct_2014//”

James Chororos, with some wild photos (via The Fox Is Black)

Mark van Leeuwen, great handwritten type, via thefoxisblack

Haunting, and not just because “Codex” is playing in the background.

"Codex," that song by Radiohead which feels like a sequel to "Pyramid Song."




I have never hit reblog so fast in my LIFE.

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Also a great take.

If “Blue Ocean Floor” was JT’s best song in years, maybe ever…then this remix just takes all that & adds a few well-timed drops, making a beautiful song deliciousy danceable.

This may well be the first time a song by JT has felt genuinely magical to me.

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How common of me Not to rise above… (Elysian Fields, “Baby Get Lost”

Good morning.

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This song is my whole day.